Yes To Passion


Sounds true and great! It can be a goal, because all the mediocre things in life – suck up a lot of the passion.

Thich Nhat Hanh described taking time to enjoy the mediocre things, because if we rush through them, then we will rush through all of life.

So as I’m picking up cat poo from the kitty we rescued I’m definitely rushing. I was tired.

Life’s mundane tasks; grocery shopping, meeting the long list of needs and wants of our three children (who deserve our presence more than anyone), finding time for self care, marriage romance, house running and all those school and work commitments….. yep much of life is fulfilling the ‘mundane’ for most of us.

So what helps? I imagine I’m on an island and I have no fresh water. This is the case for billions on our planet. I imagine how it must be for the 12 year old to walk miles, with her dirty bucket, to get a bucket, of dirty water, because that is all she has access to.

Then I ask myself  “how mundane is it to wash these dishes”?  It is a privilege. To have scraps to feed the dog; abundance when so many go hungry. To have choices in a meal; a luxury.  The choice to reject food simply because I don’t like the flavor; perhaps obnoxious’. A toilet to flush instead of a squat in the dirt;  maybe not great for the bowls and foolishness. A school to take the children to; and honor.

Most of all, we have hope.  Hope, that life can change, rather than the certainty things will never change for our children; who in another county would risk daily death from malnutrition or disease, or whom may be stolen or sold into slavery.

Yes passion is truly a gift. With so much abundance, I ask self “why would I allow all the busy noise and excess of life to ever dull passion; the product of a joyful state?”

The solution is to get rid of almost all worldly possessions. Remove any expenses that are not food, health and education. All the sudden life would seem much simpler, as we consider what life in this state would look like.

We have adopted a Dave Ramsey lifestyle. We have cut out almost all excess except those extras that involve the children. We have shared one car for almost five years, we have no credit cards and so we’ve made many changes toward this model of living.

The point is we live in our house because we want to. We have this noise because we want it. If we did not want it, it would be gone. We would make changes.  Change does take time.  It may not be prudent or wise to just rip it all away.

Maybe disruptive change is exactly what would help?  Only our own self can make these determinations. We are wise to drop assumptions about what we think we know is best for others.

So for me, finding my passion is about finding my personal responsibility.

If I gave up my life and went to live in a commune, that’s it, our lives would refocus on gardening for food, communal living and a much simpler lifestyle.

The Hari Krishna’s, the Priests, the Monks, and the poor in third world countries already live an alternative way; either by choice or circumstance.

Therefore alternatives are possible.  My mind makes up excuses why those alternatives won’t work, but we all know there is a different way; many different ways to live our life right now!

The most impactful way to live right now, is to own my choices, count my blessings, be mindful and pay attention with actions of gratitude for all I have, and continue to let go of attachment.

Life is a process. It is ok to say I want this NOW and I’m also willing to start the process of letting go. I do this with my children. I enjoyed their youth and snuggles. Now I’m learning to accept their desire to pull away and learning to enjoy their independence.

It is when I hang on too long, stay attached past the expiration date, forget all that is wonderful in this life, fail to recognize my choices are what have contributed to the creation of my current position, and engage in forms of amnesia, self neglect or wallow too long in my reptilian brain that I suffer the most.

This idea of love in action is no easy task. I struggle. I want to keep setting goals. I want to keep being inspired with passionate ideas like this which push me to grow even more. I want to continue this growth process.

We said enough; change must happen.  This declaration made about seven years ago, immediately led into disruptive change.  It ripped off the facade of our materialistic world,  almost took the life of our daughter, I have a life threatening and long term health issue and presented us with unimaginable challenges that could have pushed us into reclusion or despair, but instead pushed us into amazing growth and a new world view.

It has been the hardest and longest struggle of our lives, and also the most liberating and rewarding.

Some days, I am full of fear and anxiety as new challenges, new health scares and new legal issues present themselves. Other days, I am the most joyful of my life despite having the most intense learning opportunities.

So be careful what you claim as your intention and understand the disruptive change may be vastly different than your expectations.  My own experience is that often in life those most painful struggles can birth the most blissful changes if we embrace them as a gift rather than a curse.

At the time they may feel like a curse; like a cruel life trick.  In time, and with much personal growth, we may find it was exactly what led us to a more enlightened path.

So yes to passion! Yes to seeing life is hard.  Understanding some days are just days to get through. Yes to acceptance, it is always my choice! Each moment I have the power and the freedom to choose differently.

Some days I say to life ‘arghhhfufufugodddddshiiiittttarghhhh’ because I want to! That is perfectly ok too! That is my humanity. My struggle. My process.

What is your process?  What change are you ready to declare?  If you tune in right now, what will your thoughts look like?  Are you joyful?  What would a new thought pattern look like?   Things to consider, but only if you want to.

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  1. Charlie Turner

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: your outlook is extraordinary….and there is a recipe for wellness in your every sentence…

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