Wisdom of Jack Sparrow

Wisdom can come from any source we choose to accept. The willingness to see wisdom all around is the very definition of wisdom.
The world can change – when we are willing to change our attitude.

What task, person, situation in life seem to be a problem?

What is a different way to think about or see this person or event in a way that brings us peace?

Be more patient? Practice Love? Distance from toxicity? Acceptance? Radical change? Stay in my own business and stop commenting on or tending others?

Easy to complain, cry, be scared or dwell in negativity.  We must feel and that is ok.  So cry deeply, complain to a trusted friend, write it out, work it out and then time for work.

The work is tuning into and beimg aware of those negative thoughts.  Then choosing to shift focus.  Then practice practice practice.

It may be this person is an idiot and I’m tired of doing all their work.  Ok be mindful that is where we are at.

Then ask if I want to be happy how can I flip this thought?

It may be don’t do the work any longer and learn to accept the mess.

It may be doing the work but saying to self “self if this is not done it will be even more annoying then doing this persons work.  So I choose to do this.”

It may be time to find another place to work or live or invite them to if the situation is untenable.

The point is we are looking for a solution to our thinking problem about the event or person because has not history shown us expecting them/it to change can be wasteful energy?

Even if they do change, if we are doing our work along the way, we can be happy NOW instead of waiting for “it” to happen.

So if this is a pattern that keeps coming up then it has become a state and way of being.

This is the danger of dwelling too long in dark places.  We become accustomed to less light and dim vision.

May be hard to speak up for self with kindness, be willing to allow ego to lose and admit our own error, forgive a heinous act and redirect all thoughts to positive views.

Harder still to live the same life over and over and over in less than a joyful and blissful state.

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