What do you see?



Perception.  A mental image.  The way we think about something.  Is it possible what we perceive in others is what we believe to be true about ourselves?

Do you ever hear someone with the same message?  It may be “they are alway so negative. They are always creating drama.  They are liars.  They are dishonest.”

The next time you hear someone with the same message step back and see if that message is not in fact a description of themselves.

Could that be the funny thing about perception?  That it can only see others as we see ourselves?  If we are negative, liars or drama creators then are those very things what we often see in others?

Should we be cautious of those that talk about transparency?  Are they transparent themselves?

Should we be careful of those that scream “liar, liar, pants on fire?”  Are they letting us know in fact they can not be trusted?

What about “they are a hard ass, or what a ball buster?”  Are those not really just the complaints of an insecure ego that has lost the ability to bully someone into their way of thinking?

What about the person that says “you can trust me”.  Really?  Then why do we often hear that just before they try to sell us something?

It can’t be this simple – can it?  Do we really tell people exactly who we are by the fingers we point; by the accusations we make; by the perception we have of others?

If we think the world is dark is that really because we are feeling dark?

When we see the good in others is that because we are feeling hope?

Is not the world our mirror, just reflecting back all that we think and feel?

Is it really Three or Four?  Does that question even matter and does the answer matter even less?  What if instead of saying “Three no Four no Three no Four” we instead said “I love you”.

What if today I gave myself permission to question my perception.  What if today I said

“Maybe I can only see what I project.  Maybe my thought, my belief, my idea about this person or situation is not what it appears to be.   What would it look like if I believed that every person in my life is here to love and support me?”

They just cut me off in traffic how is that love and support?  What if they did this to mirror back to me how capable and quickly of forgiveness I am.

They were just dishonest with me how is that love and support?  What if they are reminding me what it looks like when I forget to be honest with myself?

What if I just keep my perceptions exactly as they are – do they bring me peace?  So am I willing to step outside of what I think I know?  For 5 minutes? Maybe 1 hour?

What would that look like?  What do you see?

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  1. Charlie

    Perceptions go hand and and with motivation. What is my mindset? What is my motivation? What do I believe? What is my perception? Is my perception a true fact or just a wrong preconception? These are all things that I must constantly review…

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