The Triumph of Powerlessness


When the ego or little self believes it has power our higher self is in for a ride.

The ride is fun at first.  Our ego gets to feel the thrill of being right.  We can puff up with pride and save face.

You know what I’m talking about. The argument over which road goes back to the main street.  What Harold really said last week.  We all have those petty fights. Sometimes the stakes are higher, but most of us waste a lot of time quibbling over small things.

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience” – Mark Twain

The ego needs ‘stupid’; its mastered experience. It’s a way for it to feel powerful, because it dwells in a state of illusion. It lacks the strength, resources and authority to act effectively in your life; the very definition of powerlessness.

Our ego lives in the future.  It will be better when… I will get more respect when…  I will have more money when…  She will love me, he will love me, all in the future. Win now, to live a better future later.  But like the oasis in the desert, every time we reach a goal the EGO WANTS MORE.  I will be happy when…  No matter how many goals we reach; the happiness will come later.

The illusion always fades.  It does not make us feel good for very long.  We may have alienated those we love in the process.  Promises like I will pay attention once I grow the company.  I will be nice to my spouse once my job gets easier.  I will spend time with my children as soon as my schedule is lighter.  I will be kind to myself once I get through this crisis.  LIES LIES LIES.  All lies our ego tells us to separate us from JOY.  To trick us into thinking it has POWER.

Powerlessness is such a misunderstood word.  To some it implies they have no power.  The EGO wants to think it has all power.  It looks for the next “power play” in every situation.  It believes if it attacks you then it will be made stronger.  It does not see that an attack on you is really an attack on itself.

When the EGO runs wild with vengeance, rage or justified anger there is going to be much upset.  Justified anger is a funny thing.  It makes everything my ego does to attack your ego JUSTIFIED.  It makes everything your ego does to defend itself ‘evil’. When you protect yourself against my ego it thinks “how dare you”.

My ego justifies its attack.   The weaker I feel, the more it attacks.  If we allow ourselves to be blinded by rage, filled with justified anger, with a mission to attack, then we are EGO driven and in a weak state  We will suffer.  We may win some short-term vendetta,  but the cost we pay with the quality of our life will be quite high.

The little self is powerless, but pulls off the greatest trick ever, by using your Higher Self power, to fuel it’s petty lies, silly arguments and acts of betrayal.

Inevitably the ego is found out.  If we are stuck in a weak state we will cover up for the EGO and keep the lie going.  We may do this for decades.  At some point in our life we may decide we want to experience joy. We may understand the price we’ve paid for letting our EGO run our lives.

This is a pivotal moment.  We may already be there.  The thing we were so sure we were right about turns out to be a disaster.  We now have egg on our face. We suffer. We may feel shame or guilt or depression. We may start to think life does not treat us fairly.  We may be blinded by our own ego and fail to recognize our part in the drama we’ve created.  We flop down.  Exhausted. Defeated.  Overwhelmed. Things may seem hopeless.

What we do in this moment can change the trajectory of our life.  We can decide to be open to a new state. We can recognize our EGO has no power.  Being right has no long term pay off.  Attacking others is a shallow existence.  Being angry and resentful cuts our life span short, raises our blood pressure, makes us a difficult person to be around.  You may think others agree with your resentment but just as many are rolling their eyes behind your back and saying “this again”.  Just because a few negative people are willing to align with our petty EGO does not mean we have global support.  This is the deception of our EGO at work once again.

What if we let go of our resentment.  What if we acknowledge that we are powerless.  We can not make the moon shine, the sun rise, or other people behave as we think they should.  This recognition leads to power. The power of being in a state of Joy.  Of living our life focused on ourselves and what we can change and how we can make the world a better place.

When someone attacks us we spend very little time thinking about them.  They may analyze our every move wondering what it means.  But we are giving them very little thought, we are too busy living our own lives, deciding to be joyful.  So they attack that joy.  They demand payment.  They want us to suffer.  We feel their attacks.  We are human.  The difference is we understand that we are powerless.  We do our good work.  We focus on the next right step.  And we trust things will fall as they may.  We may lose.  We may win.  That is irrelevant.  What matters is our state of mind.  What matters is we live in the now for our children.  We enjoy them now.  We take care of ourselves now.  We work to rebuild our lives now.

The present is where peace lives. The future is just an illusion.  It does not exist.  It will never come because each moment creates a different future.

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