The struggle for wellness

A key to mental health is all about perspective. Some people may look at the current social milieu and see isolation and despair. Another may see the opportunity to social distance from distraction and connect deeply with what matters.

Sometimes perspective is about circumstances. One person may lose their job while another enjoys the benefits from working at home. One person receives a perceived benefit while the other experiences a loss.

Does the person receiving a benefit use this to feel empathy toward others? Does the person experiencing loss use this as an opportunity to dive into their own vulnerability and ask for help?

When we experience loss, and we’ve all been there, what determines ones persons reaction over another? Why does one person dig deep into finding ways to life themselves up while another falls deep into depression?

These reactions to outside circumstances all hinge on our mental health. Our mental health state sets the framework for our perspective. In either case if we use our circumstances to grow and focus on how what’s next to move us forward, then we are using our time wisely and will gain value from both either experience that will enhance our confidence. We will embrace loss as an opportunity to for some deep reflection and our success to give thanks.

Some of us use our success to further our superiority and our loss to spiral deeper into our mental health pitfalls. Both of these negative perspectives stem from our core mental health condition.

So during your times it’s imperative to tend to our mental health so during down times we have the perspective to thrive despite our circumstances. If we roll into down times bankrupt then we will suffer immensely because we’ve failed to do the work during our upturns.

The value of self care and attention to our mental health is marginalized by our current culture. As a society it is evident that our mental health has been neglected for a long time so when a real external crisis hit many of us simple lacked the tools to cope and further spiraled down the abyss.

Now more than ever we are being called to focus on our own mental health and to support one another. This has can a beautiful awakening of learning to reconnect, to dig back into forming a community and to address latent issues that have been long neglected by the elixir of routines. It can also be a painfully strained time for empaths and even more painful time for those already suffering.

In both case, the solution is to dig deeper and lean into discomfort to really work on our own mental health issues. To seek the help we said we were too busy to get or focus on projects we said we were too busy to tackle. This is the time to accept the “slow down” and slow down are internal state in sync with our current environment.

If we commit to make our mental health a priority now we can come out of this stronger, we can build awareness for a neglected area or our own life and bring awareness to this deficit in our society. This is advanced level work and many of us with rise up to the challenge and many of us will fall apart or already have in the face of this challenge.

If you’ve fallen, if you are suffering, if you feel as though you are drowning in the anxiety and depression do our current state, then reach out and ask for help. Now more than ever resources are being offered. Take the plunge and find out what resources are available and fully invest in them.

As lost as some of us may for or as put upon as others might feel from the ripple effect of all this – believe there is a lesson to be learned personalized for your own higher learning. This perspective can help you shift from despair to purpose. Living in purpose is a power antidote to a host of mental health issues. It gives your plight meaning and affords an opportunity you might not otherwise have been a-tuned to.

So tune into you. Tune into your own well being. Invest in you. Nurture you. Know that you are not alone as we are all navigating new frontiers as all our lives have been disrupted from the status quo. Many of us are here for you – all you need is to but ask and help is on the way – if you believe this – live in this – look for this – you will be provided for.

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