The pain. The wonder.

To believe anything less is agony – so I choose to believe and live in the action of calmness whenever possible (I flail and fail often but like riding a bike it’s the falls which teach us the most)- for I have experienced and witnessed the more I thrash about internally the tighter the noose becomes. It is the thrashing that causes my suffering because while a noose is scary – being the creator of my own oxygen deprivation is even scarier.

Marianne Williamson …..
These are such diseased and disastrous times, it’s a challenge to keep the toxicity of the world from poisoning our bodies and souls. It’s a difficult task to bear brutally honest witness to the dangers of this time without being personally infected by them.

From meditating to yoga to eating well to reading more – and more than anything else, to thinking deeply about what the world is going through and trying to see how best we might help – all of us are navigating our individual boats through the turbulent waters of a societal storm. There is an invisible captain, a wind at our back, a map that leads us to calmer waters if we are silent and still enough to perceive them. Inner activism is done in silence. Our capacity for stillness is as important now as is our capacity for movement.

This is the alchemy of personal and societal transformation that will bear amazing fruit a bit of time from now. The world will change because we are changing. This is the winter of our collective agony, but if we dwell within it with grace and power we will one day see a miraculous spring. Faith and patience and hope and love are the angels that light our way.

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