The Little Things


Appreciate the small things.  Focus on the good stuff no matter how seemingly insignificant.  Do this over and over.  We may come to realize those small things are what’s really important!

We get the parking spot we wanted.  Celebrate it!  Our children smile a complete smile of unconditional love!  Relish it!  Someone says thank you.  Be humbled.  A friend takes the time to listen to our frustration.  Express gratitude.

What if all day, we focus on all the small things that go our way.  What if, after every small victory, we say thank you; either to ourselves or the other person.

To focus on things we can not control is insane!  Whenever we have a change in our insane state is that not a miracle?

What I often fail to remember is that change is a process and takes time.  I must remember to keep going.  I must remember that when I want to give up, that is when the greatest realization is about to happen. I must remember that the process is about my change, and my breakthrough, and has nothing to do with the other person or situation.  Those outside things are here for my lesson, and for my learning. What I choose to learn from them define my world view.  It defines if I stay in a fearful state or learn courage.  Like a good yoga class those ‘difficult’ life lessons and people stretch me beyond limits, I once thought were impossible.  The more I stretch myself, the more elasticity my thinking, my emotions and my body will have.   A flexible person is easier to be around.  They are able to bend through the current of life with grace.  They have the ability to adapt more easily.  This makes them a flexible partner in work and life!

When I remember to divorce my thoughts from things that cause me to suffer, I return to a joyful state.  The key is I can do this 3 times a day or 3,000 times a day!  There is no limit to deciding to hit a hard reset.  To blocks to start my day over as often as I choose.  I can return my thoughts to sanity as often as needed.  I can choose let go of ‘being right’ over and over.  I can stretch myself past what a former ‘made up’ limit in my own mind!  So what do I choose right now? For now is all we have and all that really matters!

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