The Intuitive Mind


What is the ‘Intuitive Mind’?  How do we access it?  How do we put intuition, into action, in our daily lives?

What definition do we mean when we use the word intuitive?  If thought is grounded in our EGO (the thinking mind) and consciousness is grounded in love (a state of being), then intuition is the bridge between the two. We stream consciousness, into an intuitive thought, that we can then act upon.  Some may say it’s the proper use of our intelligence.

Webster explains intuition as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

Eckhart Tolle describes our intuitive mind as the space free from our thinking mind.  We may experience this when drive home in a state of being, and literally come out of trance, only when we’ve arrived home.  Athletes may refer to it as “the zone”.  Artists may refer to intuition as the creative space which comes forth in their work.  Ernest Hemingway described intuition to write as a time when the words seem to come through the floor and grab you.

So how do we access the ‘gift’ of intuition?

As we go through the day we pause when agitated or doubtful.  This is a great tool to teach children as well.  When any of us are upset, we can breath deep, and relax. We can let go of the “story” we feel the need to tell or replay in our minds. We can just be.  This may seem so foreign at first.  The idea that we do ‘nothing’ may be even seem ‘wrong’ at first. After all we are fixers, doers, problem solvers and to some of us to do nothing is to ‘die’.

We relax and do ‘nothing’ with intent, consciousness and mindfulness then ‘nothing’ becomes a powerful resource larger than our little ego. It is the space where those “AHA” moments are born.  When a complex issue we’ve turned over and over in our mind suddenly clicks into place.  We may have been walking the dog when the intuitive thought came.

If creating the space of being is foreign to us, then we may need some discipline in this area.  If our mind is undisciplined, allowed to run wild from one random thought to the next, then we are misusing our ‘gift’.  If we tune into our thoughts we may find they are most often reactive.  This means we think and then become slaves to our reactive actions.  This ‘reactivity’ or ‘knee jerk response’ is often short sighted and creates unintended consequences.

What is the point of using our intuitive mind?

“We are in much less danger of excitement, fear, anger, worry, self-pity, or foolish decisions. We become much more efficient. We do not tire so easily, for we are not burning up energy foolishly as we did when we were trying to arrange life to suit ourselves. ” – Alcoholics Anonymous.

There are many ways and practices to slow down our thinking mind.  For me, I repeat mantras and questions.

“Thy will not mine be done” when I find my control issues preventing me from letting go and being open to ‘the process’ of what is rather than what I want.

“A solution will present itself ” when I’m overwhelmed and out of solutions.

“For what purpose do these thoughts serve” when I am dwelling on negativity as a way to restore my mind to a sane state.  For to dwell in what has passed is truly insane.  That time zone no longer exists.  That event can no longer be altered.

Reflection is fruitful, drifting into morbid reflection is destructive.  Being mindful which state my mind is in is the difference between insane and sane thinking for me.

The other day I visualized what I wanted in an ideal roommate.  I ignored the ‘negative chatter’ that popped up like “They don’t exist, you will never find them on craigslist” and so on.  Instead I relaxed.  I did not struggle.  I began typing up my ad from a place of being.  The next day the room was rented, the roommate has all the qualities I visualized (not some of them – ALL OF THEM).

That is the power of the intuitive mind into action!  What will you visualize today?

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  1. Charlie

    Without a doubt, you are the most intuitive person I know….

    1. Larina Hintze

      Awe 🙂 Always so sweet to hear from you. Hope all is well on your side of Alachua! 26 years last month…. 12:15 is my new home group 🙂

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