The gift of loss.


There has been major disruption in our lives which has served a great purpose….

Just like the beautiful street of umbrellas which seem so out of place and yet offer such a different perspective – so too can disruption in our lives.

How can we experience disruption and see it as a gift?  We simply choose to.  Imagine if someone had the power to come into your home and take everything – your children’s art – photos – memories – sheets off your bed and all your possessions – what would you believe?

What if you decided to see this event as all the trappings of “stuff” simply being purged?  That attachment leads to suffering so you mentally decide to let go of “stuff”?  That perhaps this is a gift to reveal your inner strength and adaptability.

What if the gift is choosing to be vulnerable – to be sad and cry or laugh or scream and then go about living?

Pema Chodron says loss is a great opportunity for us to feel empathy – to be connected to others.  If someone took all your possessions then perhaps you can feel what flood and fire victims feel or the poor who can’t pay rent or the unemployed who can’t find work.

Do not think “why is this happening to me” instead we can choose to ask “how is this happening for me and what gifts may I find here”?

The gift of family and friends coming to fill up your home with offerings of love.  The gift of forgiveness.  The courage to stand up finally and say no more to a bully.

Find those gifts if you dare… find them in your loss and in your despair and see how quickly joy blossoms in the cracks of your tattered life!

Look up and see the tapestry of color all these events have brought you….  They may look out of place – they may be “wrong” just hanging there and they may also provide such a beautiful and unique view that you otherwise may not have imagined.


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