Tearing Down The Jungle Gym


Our brains needs to be re-programmed out of the negative states we identify with, if we want to find peace of mind, serenity, and a sense of happiness and fulfillment in life.  If we don’t change our state, we our victims to being moody, depressed, feeling guilty, remorseful, resentful, lonely, and experience a feeling of inadequacy.

We can change our state by making a choice to do so.  When we experience a loss in life, the power we give that event over our mental state, is our choice. Let’s say our child is diagnosed with a rare disorder or illness that can not be identified; which happened to our little Cammy.  Do we make a decision to learn as much as we can to help our child and adapt our life to this new experience?

The alternative is to believe we were robbed by life.  That life presented us with a cruel challenge.  This is not to be confused with the healthy emotion of sadness.  Sadness and suffering are not the same.  Sadness is a natural response to loss.  It is meant to be felt and processed.  We don’t have to fake an unnatural or happy response.

Suffering is when we allow sadness to turn into an unhealthy emotion; rage, bitterness, regret or a sense that life has not treated us fairly.

We had a recent incident in our life, where someone had the right to take some of our things.  When they arrived to recover the assets they were told our children’s jungle gym essentially had no value; the cost to remove it far exceeded the value it may have.  We offered to pay the appraised value and were told the buyer would rather tear it down then let us pay for it.

This is the darkest state of humanity when we would consciously attack little children in hopes that attack will make the parents suffer.  Of course our children were sad and we were sad for them.  However, they do not suffer and neither do we.

We explained to them that when people are afraid or in pain, they lash out. That we all do this; just as they have done it to each other.  The solution is not to be mad or angry but to pray for the other person.  My children replied “Mommy we are not in a praying mood”.

I understand!  Sometimes we are not in a praying mood. However, to be bitter about an attack only causes us to suffer.  To wish the other person would or could change, to dwell in the past, to relive the experience mapping out how things could have gone differently, or to allow vengeance to blacken our own hearts; are all negative states that will cause us to suffer.

Instead we can choose to feel our sadness.  Then we can choose not to dwell on those thoughts which can not change the reality of NOW but can cause us to suffer immeasurably and keep us stuck.

The irony is they are still not done tearing down the jungle gym and the spiteful person will now have to pay for a third trip to accomplish his mission of destruction.

This opens a question for all of us to live in; “How much does my vengeance cost me?”  How many trips do I pay for when I allow this negative state to have power in my life?  What is the cost to my own psyche and sense of inadequacy?

It seems hard to forgive until you train your brain.  Like any new habit it may seem impossible at first.  Then when you see the payoff; your own emotional maturity, sense of well being and purposefulness in the lives of others; it becomes rather easy.

It’s also ironic that vulnerability is the key to peace.  When we have the courage to say this hurt me and I am sad; without the need to make the other person wrong, or attack them or expect them to change.  Just this hurt and it made me sad.  Then we move forward with our life.  They may not choose to do anything about our sadness, but when we come from this place of vulnerability it quickens the process of letting go and we realize they don’t have to do anything.  We did everything we needed to do and now we can move on to the next chapter in our lives.

Don’t tear down the jungle gyms in your own life or in others.  Instead, let go of whatever negative thoughts you have, feel your sadness and then keep trudging the happy road of destiny.

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  1. Michele Gutierrez

    Karma does magical things… I fear what they will receive, and, in fact, feel sorry for them since their heart has grown cold.

  2. Penny Whitlock

    you are such an angel! xxoo

    *PENNY WHITLOCK* *Intuitive Healing Master * * * * *

  3. David Walle

    Wow! Larina, I can’t put into words how much it means to me that you wrote this. Some may read your blog from time to time and think: “That’s easy for *her* to say.” Well, meet Larina: a mere mortal with challenges like the rest if us, who chooses to be at peace with life.

  4. Charlie

    Well written and said…

  5. Bill Green

    “… keep trudging the happy road of destiny.” I just don’t know what to say except I love you all and will be happy for you when this is all over and out of your life. bg

    1. Larina Hintze

      Yes looking forward to this being in the rear view.

  6. Leah

    i love you guys and i know you’ll get through with the same strength and resilience as always. let’s skype soon xo

    1. Larina Hintze


      Great to hear from you~ Kids talk about you all the time. I will message you on FB. xoxoxo

  7. Laura DOnda

    Hey Larina,

    It’s been too long since I’ve checked in on your blog. I know when I do I can always count on learning something. And I missed that.
    It can feel like living on another planet sometimes, here in Ohio. So, it was nice to feel some familiarity from you while reading your words.
    Today I would like to share one thought I had while reading your story. But first, I want to send you my sympathy for what you and your family are having to deal with. Neighbors can be so cruel and vindictive sometimes.
    I understand how important is to feel the sadness of a lose, then move through it. But sometimes children have a difficult time grasping this concept. And even when they do they will still feel mad. So, I would like to suggest a silver lining perspective. For example, you could start talking about a plan for a new , fun use of that area. Maybe they could put up a tent and camp out on the weekends, playing flash light tag, games, eating smores, and singing. etc. 🙂

    Hope this helps.
    Miss you,

    1. Larina Hintze

      Thanks of for the kind words. Glad all is well. I love the ideas. We were thinking zip line as an xmas present ~ Miss you too!

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