The One Way Street of The Narcissist

They are all around us.  They pursue their base instincts without regard for whom they harm. Contempt, and indifference, are their trademark.  They judge harshly, the actions of others, while they steal others work to claim as their own.  They expect the world, but resent any requests made upon their own time.  They give very little, and take far too much.  They demand.  They deflect. They deny.  Narcissist lie gratuitously, about matters great and small.


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Any Lengths

Who among us cares to go to ‘any lengths’ to change?  We sit.  We think.  We wish.  We talk.  We fantasize about.  We do the same thing.  We fail.  We do it again.  We think.  We wish.  We ‘try’.  We fantasize.  We fail.


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Recalibration; Expectations and Acceptance


If a movie review is terrible, our expectations are low, and it’s doubtful, when our expectations are met, we will be disappointed.  What if a movie with our favorite stars is heralded as the movie of the year?  Will our expectations become unrealistically high? Are we more likely to be disappointed when we discover the only talent existed with the marketing agent!   Expectations often lead to disappointment. So how can we recalibrate our expectations to be joyful and still work toward our goals?  Is it possible to be ambitious and have realistic expectations?   (more…)

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