Lego Lessons; Get over it!


My son loves legos so for every birthday, xmas and just because he gets a lego set.  These are not the legos from my childhood in primary colors and 6 basic shapes only!  You need an engineering degree for some of these sets.  Worse they have 8,763 pieces. 8,762 screws up the entire thing.


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Step Away


What if life is meant to be fun and the one thing stopping our joy is our own thinking?  What if the ‘story’ we have about life has been the true robber of our inner peace?


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Be Kind


What would it look like if people stopped focusing on looking self important?  If we took time to pay attention to and listen to people that could do very little for us?  If we showed our children our undivided attention?  If no matter how tired we are, we mustered up what little energy we had, for a family member even more tired?


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The Grind


We all have those moments, or periods of time, when we are caught up in the daily grind of life.  If we are students, we may have that ever present feeling of needing to study.  Recent graduates contemplate their choices and career path.  Families are busy with the daily demands of their children’s needs.  What happens when we are weighted down with our ever present thoughts, or overall sense of tiredness?


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The One Way Street of The Narcissist

They are all around us.  They pursue their base instincts without regard for whom they harm. Contempt, and indifference, are their trademark.  They judge harshly, the actions of others, while they steal others work to claim as their own.  They expect the world, but resent any requests made upon their own time.  They give very little, and take far too much.  They demand.  They deflect. They deny.  Narcissist lie gratuitously, about matters great and small.


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Roll With It!


Who cares what ‘they’ think.  Follow your own inner guidance with courage and conviction.  If we focus on things outside our control then we will be living in the ‘problem’.  If instead, we divert our energy to those things we can impact in a positive way, we will have more energy, get more done, be more focused and have solid mental health.


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Passion & Vision


Passion creates energy and attraction.  It builds and unites teams.  Passion with a vision can overcome great challenges.  Passion drills down on what matters and burns through obstacles.  Often people are attracted to energy and buy into visions.  Enough excitement can make the ordinary seem extraordinary.


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Just Because!


When we focus our thoughts, and channel our energy, great things are possible. If we move forward with purpose, because that is how we’ve chosen to live our lives, then regardless of outcomes, we are living with purpose.

“There’s something wrong with your character if “opportunity” controls your loyalty…” Sean Simmons


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Does Joyful Thinking Lead to Orgasms?


Some believe we are a disconnected society.  We make decisions without thought or concern for the impact of our decisions.  We hide behind excuses to justify our actions. We fail to consider the impact our actions have on others.  What if people stopped focusing on ‘self’ and instead stopped to consider the other’s point of view?  What if we attempted to see things through a different lens?


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Energy and Vibrations ~


What if, all of life, is about the exchange of energy.  Food requires energy to grow.  We consume food essential to our growth.  We expend energy.  We attract energy.  Money represents the exchange of energy. Relationships with others transfer energy. All of these transactions happen on a vibrational frequency.  We get “good vibes” from some exchanges.  We get a “bad vibes” from others.  Is it possible this is more than just a saying?


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