Stretch To The Light


When we stretch to the light it can help us grow during dark times.

Feeling alone and unsupported is a dark place to live.  Even if we are supported, we may be too consumed with our own darkness to realize and appreciate it.

If we can shift our focus to the love and support we are receiving, and give back support by expressing our appreciation, we may find there are more bright spots than we realized.

If we want more light in our life then maybe all we have to do is stretch up to the rays provided.

The greatest challenge for me is to express my vulnerability.  The role of ‘strong’ becomes an impenetrable barrier, and I become my own prisoner, and feel isolated. At times I’m not aware it is happening and it’s usually perpetuated by high stress levels.

One success tool I’ve used is to give what I want to receive – show appreciation if that is what I want to feel – be joyful if I need more joy – express my love if I want to feel more love.

This is not easy when we feel dark and shut down!  That is where the flower has shown us wisdom!  It grows above the canopy and stretches to the light to get what it needs.

Am I willing to stretch?  How tall am I willing to grow?

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