Somedays We Struggle.

Some days are harder than others.  We struggle.  We feel like the world is working against us.  We are tired.  Everything seems like work.  The pressure builds.  We have an uncompleted to do list.  We feel as though we have no legs and no arms but are being asked to jump off the diving board.  Impossible right?

This work gives us the opportunity to change our state, regardless of our circumstances.  What if we had “no arms, no legs, no worries”?  What if we decided that our circumstances are no worse off than many ?  We decide we can.  We will.  AND we will  do it joyfully?

Notice how joyful the speaker is when you watch this video.   What would you do?  Would you be this joyful?  Are you this joyful?  Do you accept what life has presented as a blessing?  Do you make it work for you?  You can ~  We can all make life work for us.  We can all decide no matter what our circumstances that happiness is a choice.  We can decide to be happy. Right now go ahead take all the perceived “SH*t” life has dumped on your lap and decide to be happy.  Maybe it’s to help you learn.  What do you need to learn?  Maybe it’s to help you grow.  What areas are you ready to grow in?  Maybe it’s to help you grow up.  What areas emotionally are you childlike?  Maybe it’s to help you be more empathetic.  How do you show up for others with compassion?  Is it just a thought or do you actually do something?  My children watched this with me and watched me cried.  The tears were tears of joy for someone that is joyful.  Someone that instead of a ‘story’ about his victimhood he inspires others, he reaches out to teach, to education and to lead.  We all have this power with our own children, family and community if we decide to take up the challenge and let go of our ‘story’ about our own victimhood.

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