Smile – bring joy to your life and those around you!


Some amazing things happening in the world by creative people who stay true to a vision and not in despair lamenting.

We can do great things – if we want to! Or we can spend our energy focusing on “what we believe is wrong in the world”. Focusing on our desire for greatness leads to vision and purpose – what has focusing on what others have done – created for your life or those around you?

This is question I pose to myself whenever I start to misdirect my thinking mind on the “problem” instead of living in a state of being serving my purpose!

My purpose is to stay clear so that I can be a conduit for joy and a part of the solution for all on this planet – every person I love has a deposit they can share with their community and that ripple effect of love is powerful and has a far reach.

I can’t change many things – I can be clear and continue to change my thinking so my state is clear. What is your purpose?

Just look at what and how you spend most of your thinking time – and consciously or not – that is you living your purpose! If your thoughts are consumed with them and what they have done – then your purpose becomes what? How does dwelling on them help you? Help them? Help others?

These are things I reflect upon as I do this work because I want to. What I say I want is joy – if that is true then how do I choose to see things in a joyful way? How do I take the inconveniences of life and choose to see them as gifts for my own expanded consciousness and empathy?

We are free – if we declare it so! If you want to be free – then begin to own your state right now – I am X right now because I want to be. If X is “agitated” then own you are so because you want to be! Then ask what does not being agitated look like? Am I ready to let go and be at peace- changing my thoughts around this source of agitation – what does a new way of seeing things look like? For me – it’s seeing all the gifts – and things that appear “awful” accepting perhaps they are – but how does my suffering – lamenting – agitation – about how awful things are change them?

How does suffering over the suffering in the world help? When I am suffering a kind smile can ease my pain. But if someone else is suffering and I’m suffering too much to offer a kind smile – then I’ve missed an opportunity to have a joyful impact on those in my own sphere of influence. So do I want to help? Yes I do! So staying clear so I can be joyful despite my own loss expands my joy – expands joy in the world and if more of us chose this – how much more could we contribute to the world?

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