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“We do not remember days, we remember moments” – Casare Pavese

So much of life seems like a distraction; at times a nuisance.  An inconvenience, often dominated by the incessant needs of others. All those little details, everyday, we must get through in order to feel ‘productive’.

As I’ve gotten older, I have begun to deeply appreciate those savory moments.  Those simple pleasures in life.

The five minutes of solace before anyone else is awake.  The quiet calm when everyone goes to bed. Tuning into the warmth of my husband’s hand as we take a walk.  Soaking in the sweetness of my children’s faces as they seem to age right before my eyes. These precious moments are so brief, and yet they are so powerful.  They are the moments that keep the emotional gas tank full.  They push out the noise, if only for a brief moment, and hint at the possibility of what can be.

I believe there are those who have learned to savor each moment.  They have learned to tune out the “noise”. They can dive into presence, and savor the sweetness of life.  With children, marriage, careers and commitments so many of us are consumed with the crazed juggling act of keeping it all going.  Those brief moments seem impossible to lean into. We may think I will rest when….  I will take a break when….

I was once again reminded the other day the time for when, is now.  Most of us do have full live; which makes leaning into those precious moments and savoring them even more important.  Have you noticed that time speeds up?  In the blink of an eye 5, 10, 20 years have flown past.

Today is a good time to savor what is wonderful in our life.  To hang in those spaces of pleasure a bit longer. To taste our food and savor it’s flavor.  To slow down, and tune into a higher frequency.  Perhaps the day gets busy and seems to fill up with all those details that no one even remembers but they ‘must’ get done.  What we do remember is the people who helped us laugh. The warmth of a smile, or kind gesture.  The love we feel for another.  Those are the moments worth savoring in life.

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  1. Charlie

    Savor: I might not travel the same path again……

  2. rhema3one7

    Hi Larina ! Few months ago, you counselled and helped me come out of my fear of meeting new people and handling anxiety. I want you to know that I’m doing good. I’ve now started to meet more new people through a business venture and I found that mantras had strengthened me. My ears are not deaf now. I can clearly listen to what people say. I help myself relax before I meet people so I now speak more good content rather than hiding and thinking of what they might think of me. I now no longer feel separated.

    Thanks to you. Thanks for your support and time.

    1. Larina Hintze

      I’m so happy to hear that you are doing well. I hope you are enjoying Australia and I’m here anytime you need a boost 🙂

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