Roll With It!


Who cares what ‘they’ think.  Follow your own inner guidance with courage and conviction.  If we focus on things outside our control then we will be living in the ‘problem’.  If instead, we divert our energy to those things we can impact in a positive way, we will have more energy, get more done, be more focused and have solid mental health.

Break down issues to what is behind the issue.  Is our child asking us silly questions?  Then look behind the silliness and recognize there may be a need to connect.  We can stop and be present.  If we focus on the silly questions, then we miss a chance to live in solution and forge deeper relations with our family.

Some people use drama as a vehicle to connect.  I do not allow those people in my life because there is never a solution, just another ‘thing’ they latch onto to create more drama.  Who cares!  Life is too short.

If I find myself getting wound up in the drama, I step away. It’s time for a spa day and to focus on what really matters.  For me, that’s living in, and working on, how to stay in my highest state so I am able to share that higher vibration with others.  This is turn sparks their higher vibration.  A positive outlook does not mean fake or phony.  It means we recognize the problem and then busy ourselves with corrective action.  I love to live in solution because it’s empowering.

If we live on this planet, chances are we are overworked and spread to thin!  I remind myself, since everyone is in that same place, then how can I be mindful and thoughtful of their time.  How can I also protect myself from their stress and demands?  This comes with making a decision that no matter what comes down the pike my eye is turned toward solutions

What will come will come.  I can spend time worrying about ‘what if’ or I can spend my energy doing what gives me joy and look just far enough out to create a plan if “what if” seems inevitable.   The now is all that I really have because the past is not real anymore it’s already happened and the future does not exist.  Now, this moment, in this space, is where my thoughts and mind are best served to their higher purpose.

Is it hard?  Yes.  Is life full of shit$?  Yes.  Will I get hurt?  Absolutely. Disappointed? For sure.  Will it be fair?  Usually not.  So instead will I learn if I chose to? Yes.  Will I grow if I want to?  Yes.  Can I learn from each experience to sharpen my skills? Yes.  So what is the wisest course of action?  For me, it’s to roll with it, not take it too seriously, have fun and remember whatever is on my plate today will probably be forgotten tomorrow!  So how important is it really?

“10 of life is what happens and 90% of life is how we react to it!” – John Maxwell.

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    ROLL WITH IT! Nice article, always trying to put that positive vibe out! Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 18:50:02 +0000 To:

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