Remember You!


We can treat ourselves to Mother’s Day any day we need it!

Do you put yourself last and then get resentful at others?  Are you waiting for “them” to acknowledge or take care of you?

I used to give until I was totally drained.  One event in my life I gave so much that I ended up in the hospital from the stress!  Sounds pretty insane now.  At the time I thought I was doing’the right thing’.

My absence from work was resented!  I was told my computer worked so why couldn’t I arrange for some files to be transferred.  Hahah.  I did not value my own mental health and my ‘sacrifice’ didn’t change the outcome.  So I literally made myself sick over nothing.

Of course I did not do any of this consciously.  I just didn’t have the confidence to believe it was ok to take care of me first.

What brought me back to sanity was again my children, as they often do.  I thought ‘I cant do this to them’.  I can’t die or become disabled if I have a choice here.

I realized I owed a duty to them to be alive, to be healthy and lastly to teach them by my example it’s ok to take care of ourselves.

Now I am able to take care of myself because I want to, not out of some sense of ‘duty’ to my children!

Its definitely been a journey.  So here is a reminder to all women that offer ‘mothering’ to the world – remember you!!! Take a spa day.  Any day can be Mother’s Day and a day to honor yourself!






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