Manifesto For A Simple Life

monday-morning-pinspiration-L-_kcC_l“The ego is a wrong-minded attempt to perceive yourself as you wish to be, rather than as you are.” Course in Miracles.

When we do not perceive ourselves correctly, perhaps a part of us feels that something is missing.  When we feel this way, food, sex or things may be unconsciously chosen as a way to fill it.  This is not ground breaking news.  We all know this.  We know we have “First World” problems.  We are not starved.  We have too much food.  We want to cut down on portions, buy less and waste less.  We have too much stuff.  We look to de-clutter.  We are trapped in a sea of things that we must keep organized and clean.  Some of us even need to hire professional organizers!  These are all “First World” problems.  

When you have nothing, you value little things.  When you have everything, you value very little.

If we make a decision to eat less, then do it consciously.  “I will eat less and think of those that have less so that what I eat, I value.”  This is simple.  This is also powerful.  Notice when we think of others, our thoughts will not be self centered (centered on self).

When thoughts are centered on self, our world is small.  Flip “I need to eat less” into “today I will think of others with less as I eat and be thankful for what I have.”

When the traffic is slow think about children who walk to work instead of school.  “I am thankful for this transportation and the opportunity our children have.”  When a stress through emerges about money instead think “We have food, shelter and our needs are met.”  Breathe deeply and choose to feel thankful.  In fact, make a decision to give today.   Find something you no longer need, think of another and perhaps they would like it.  Make a small donation.

When we value what we have as scarce and give it away, we experience abundance.

All of these little mindful intents will open our world to an abundant space.  Smile today.  Choose a mission that all day you will only say positive and kind words and that you will smile at everyone.  Make a conscious decision to make eye contact with everyone ~ GASP….  “OH I WOULD NEVER HAVE TIME TO DO THAT”, the ego will scream.  Then decide to do it anyway.

Is it possible if we do this, at the end of the day, we will have more energy?  Is it possible if we connect with everyone around us that we will fill up the void?  Is it possible if we think of others, give a little and are thankful for what we have life will be more meaningful?






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  1. lldonda

    I love this message. It’s all about “giving thanks” for all we have, not what we don’t. Something I need to be reminded of on a daily basis. Sometimes I get caught up in the “I need” this before I can feel calm/settled and enjoy my life in the now. So today’s message hits home. I look around at my life today and feel a sense of humility. So, I will write this one down and post it on my frig, as a daily reminder to give thanks and be happy. Oh yea, and take less and give it away. I have the; smile at everyone and say positive things part well enough learned. 🙂

    1. lhintze

      You are beautiful. You are thoughtful. You are an amazing woman! Thanks for giving it away 🙂

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