Living Authentically

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So many of us struggle to reveal our true self – we are so stressed – so busy – so used to living robotically – we may not even know ourselves anymore.

How do we make the journey back to self?  How do we find that person who knows joy – lives life fully – do we even believe that person exists?

We can start with some hard core – stripped down – honesty about what we want!!!!  What do we want?

I want to be joyful and to be a conduit for joy in every area of my internal and external world.  I want to build people up.  I want to help and offer charity when I’m able to do so.  I want to forgive.  I want to choose compassion even if the other person might not live a life of honor.

In the grocery story a nice women let me cut her in line noticing that I only had 3 items to her 3 buggies piled high.  She then let another women ahead and shared about how life is about being kind and little things matter.  This women was African American and we were both white.  She exuded positivity.  She’s the type of animated personality that spreads joy and any kindness showed to her she would surely spread tenfold.

I handed the cashier money to give to this women and bolted.  Why?  Because I didn’t do it for recognition – I did it because it was a small way to honor joy and kindness and spread some more.  She tried to holler after me and I just blew a kiss and left!  That investment is one she will tell anyone she meets!

I actively look for ways to brighten the days of others, especially when I’m feeling down.  A kind smile – waving someone by in traffic – small acts of kindness to perpetuate joy in the world.

A remarkable thing happens when I actively look for ways to spread joy – I see more joy all around me – I see the kindness – the love – the struggle – and feel connected to my fellow earthlings.

I begin to practice more gentle self talk – to see the good within me – and begin to discover more deeply and understand I am joy!  I can be joy.  I can live joyfully even as life events and emotions ebb and flow.

Joy is my authentic self.  It’s the soft part of my inner self.  When I kept her guarded it didn’t protect me from the pain of the world – instead it kept me locked up inside with the pain of the world!

To be vulnerable is to be free, and to live more authentically.

What do you want today?  Does your thought or action bring you closer to what you want?  If no, then what thought or action will bring you closer?  Now repeat over and over and over until you notice one day that you are those new thoughts and those new ways of being!

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