1 : the quality or state of being free: a : the power to do as one pleases. b : freedom from physical restraint. c : freedom from arbitrary or despotic control. d : the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges.

This word reverberated in my thoughts today as I was feeling a deep sense of gratitude. I was reflecting on my past behavior in various situations and feeling liberated from shame or morbid reflection.

To be open to clearly see how I may have showed up without defense – excuse – shame – guilt – sadness – is perhaps the most empowering state I can imagine.

To drop the high need to be right. To no longer be closed off. To feel comfortable sitting with discomfort. These are gifts. These are personal freedoms many do not experience.

It is easy to see the lack of liberty that exists around us in our current high need for control and domination – seen inside governments, institutions – companies and within families.

Around the world there is little discussion of liberty or honoring it among either the human or animal realm.

So creating this space for internal liberty is even more important as so little of it exists around us.

Do good work. Focus on self. Set clear intentions. Be mindful of “reactivity”. Look to forgive quickly – especially of self.

Magical things will happen. The gift of liberty for self will grow. The desire to create space to allow for the personal freedoms of others will also grow. People will feel more relaxed in your presence as they sense you honor their liberty as you honor it within yourself.

Think of the one thing – the one event – the one person you believe you can not love – then send them love – set it free – set the intention to clear all negative connection you maintain through negative thought patterns – and notice how you’ve really set yourself free.

Surrender. Let them win. Let them be right. And if they mean you harm – set them free By loving them and sending them down the river.

If they mean you harm, and derive no negativity from harming you, then they can no longer “feed” off you, and will probably become bored and move along.

Regardless you will not be their hostage as you continue to live in your own personal liberty.

What step will you take today to be free?

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