Is there a blessing hidden in this pain?

o-NATURAL-BIRTH-facebookNot much captures raw pain like childbirth.  Not much captures raw joy like the birth of a child.  The child is the blessing hidden between those contractions.  How many times in our life are the ‘contractions’ we think we suffer just a segway to birth new life?  Is it possible some of our most painful moments will be our most rewarding?  

So many times in my life the most painful events turned out to be blessings.  Last year I was in the emergency room being told I may need surgery for the 5th time.  This motived me to radically change many areas of my life and heal myself.  I was tired all the time, it was extremely difficult to function.  Being joyful is hard when you are stressed and physically ill.  I had moments of despair, but deep down I trusted they would pass.  There were days just getting dressed is the most I could manage.  Yesterday I was able to complete a Bikram Yoga class for the first time in over a year.  I was able to heal myself and avoid surgery.  The meaning I chose to give this event changed the trajectory of my life in a positive way.

We all have the power to change our life.  Some days we just don’t want to.  After yesterdays post about being joyful I woke up in a ‘mood’. I thought I don’t want to be joyful.  I am tired.  The kids are tired.  This and that are not flowing.  I started to laugh. How interesting that I am choosing ‘grumpiness’.  So I smiled at everyone as I took the kids to school.  I did not fight my attitude, but instead trusted it would pass.  Then I realized I’m just a bit sad.  So today I need to take it easy.  Be gentle.  Ask for help. Let others take some of the work load.  These are also new skills for many of us.  Asking for help is a foreign concept for many of us.

We can turn some of life’s most painful events into our greatest learning moments.  Our experience can impact someone else’s life, and our own, in a positive way.  The choice is always ours to make; even when we are tired, scared and feeling overwhelmed by life.  If we remember we are remarkable and creative how could we see this differently?  Even if we don’t want to, what are we willing to do to get back to a place of joy?  What if we breathe and relax?  What if we knew that a solution would present itself?  If we knew this, how would we respond?  If we knew there was a blessing or opportunity for growth would we be able to relax?

“On your learning depends the welfare of the world” – Course In Miracles.


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