I know.

880F7460-B278-4386-AAF6-EF5F831A7477We were sitting in a meeting and someone was sharing the hard time they were having.

As they were sharing their frustration, they were sharing their confusion about why they were not getting call backs from interviews.

A list of personal experience was scrolling up mentally and their sincere desire beckoned me to compile a list and help them after the meeting.

As I was making this mental note I heard the problem.  They were not getting calls back because they are arrogant.  They revealed this when after sharing their frustration, saying they don’t understand, they then followed up “I know I interview well, I know my resume is great, I used to be a recruiter and I know what people look for, but after every interview and one lasted for three hours, they just don’t call me back.”

Well we don’t know squat!  The minute I’m convinced “I know” is the moment in which I become unreachable.  How often do we say  yeah “I know” when really we would be better served to say “tell me more”.

Maybe we do know, but can’t we give someone else space to share their experience with us?  If we do know then why are we asking for help?  What are we really saying?

Today I don’t know!  Isn’t that wonderful. I might know even less tomorrow.  Spectacular – I have room to learn – room to grow – room for others to contribute and freedom to sit very comfortable in not “knowing”.

Outside of knowing is a wonderful and joyful space of simply being.

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