Hypocrisy and Autism


Is hypocrisy a state that anyone really escapes?  We may have high ideals and yet how many of us live up to them?  Some of those rare beings have their ideals realized.  In deed they are rare.  How often are their GREAT WORKS held up as the ideal; to lord over those who do not live up to this high ideal.  Instead we could recognize just how rare these great qualities are.  It is wise to remember our dual personality.  That we are filled with the light of consciousness and that it is housed in a primitive body requiring base needs for sustenance.  When I was growing up they did not have the same array of labels.  Many of us may have been labeled with ADHD.  Some of us may have been labeled on the Autism spectrum.  When I think about the Autistic child what comes to mind is someone as far away from hypocrisy as possible.  They speak their mind.  They blurt out by conventional standards inappropriate or ill timed thoughts.  From personal experience, we can learn to fully integrate.  However, at what cost?

Autistic children are coming into an era of acceptance by main stream America because 1 in every 68 child is being born with it.  So many peoples lives are being touched by Autism that it creates deeper understanding and compassion.

Some researchers and people with Asperger’s (a form of Autism) have advocated a shift in attitudes toward the view that it is a difference, rather than a disability that must be treated or cured.” Clarke J, van Amerom G (2007). “‘Surplus suffering’: differences between organizational understandings of Asperger’s syndrome and those people who claim the ‘disorder'”and Baron-Cohen S (2002). “Is Asperger syndrome necessarily viewed as a disability?”


Let’s look at this difference for a moment.  If we speak our mind, avoid social labels, follow the things we want relentlessly, and make no apology for who we are, they call us entrepreneurs.  So why do we have to homogenize everyone?  What makes some acceptable and others unacceptable?  Who is the judge of what is ok and what is not ok?  If we look through time it’s the “freaks, the weirdos, the outspoken, the rebells, the social misfits” who made history.  Right along with the most “hateful, ruthless, vicious, dark, malicious rulers”.

From Hitler to Jesus; those that defied social norms made history.  For many of us, we play the game.  We don’t like our company culture and we do very little to change it.  We are unhappy with an aspect of our life and we ignore it.  We find someone or something out of step and we lack the courage to speak our mind.  We believe in honesty and integrity and fail to practice those things especially when it comes to our emotions.

For many years I failed to do that which I love because I was afraid of being labeled a hypocrite.  Guess what?  I started to do what I love and some called me a hypocrite!  If I wait until I am perfect to do the things I love and be the person I want then they will throw dirt in my face before I ever put myself out there.

I believe a lot can be learned from A-typical children.  Mostly freedom.  They are not tied, bound, controlled and crippled by the same social norms as many of us are.  They are free in so many ways.  They lack hypocrisy in their life because “manipulation, conniving, treachery, being fake or phony” are simply not in their character.  Perhaps they are here to teach us that it’s ok to be who we are, the way we are, and it does not make us disabled…. It just makes us different.  And being different can be something to celebrate rather than fear.

When we fear a person, we are likely to decide we do not like them.  If we convince ourself we do not like them, then we can justify doing things to them which are not kind.  We can talk behind their back, attempt to harm them, ridicule them and in general divulge in our darkness toward another without remorse.  We have seen across time this hypocrisy carried out and the mass destruction it has caused.

Why tie these topics together?  In my brain it made sense.  Maybe I’m just having a Malcolm Gladwell moment!



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  1. Charlie

    I have seen and have been a part of remarkable educational and life-skill strides having been made with children with various challenges. As you know, we have eyes that have the ability to look both inwardly and outwardly and both can be positively affected and enhanced. Teachers teach, but they ultimately teach best when they can, in turn, be taught by what they observe.

  2. Penny Whitlock

    I love Ralph Waldo ……. so very smart about life


    *Intuitive Healing Master*

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