Great Friendships


When your house is burnt to the ground.  When your child dies in an unexpected car crash.  When your life is turned inside out.  When some negative influencers focus their hatred into your lives.  What you may find through your vulnerability is the best side of humanity through such tragedy.  People that you may not even know very well come to rally their love and support; to offer you their shoes when you have none.

In the midst of whatever personal tragedy you are currently facing; take time to really absorb the goodness in this world that shines through others and into your life.

There are mean spirited people in this world, and tragedy that befalls us all, and at times it can be overwhelming. We can ask why me?  We can feel ‘targeted’ or that somehow the influences of life are stacked against us. However, is it possible these experiences are here to stretch us and help us evolve?  Is it possible they are just “here” and and have no meaning other than the meaning we choose to give them?

My heart has been broken many times over the past few years and at times I’ve been consumed with sadness.  My heart has also never been so filled with love and gratitude.  It is the friendships, the hugs, the support, the acts of kindness shared by others that have kept my faith in humanity intact.  My husband, my children, my family and all my friends have loved with their hearts; when I needed to know that love was alive.

Instead of dwelling in what was, what should be, what could be, what will come; I have chosen to “live”, to love, to laugh and to be an instrument of joy.  My mission on this planet is to spread as much joy and hope as I possibly can.  I wipe off the tears, show up and offer my support even at times when I’ve been hurting and feeling overwhelmed in my own life.

Those great friendships and great connections are the only thing that matter in my life.  Our community has stepped up to embrace our children, and help them through this transitionary period in our life.  The key to a calm mental state is to remember that it’s just transitory.  To remember to be vulnerable and ask for help.  To embrace change.  To accept what is.

This is a lofty way to live indeed.  We may scream ‘but if you had my life, my problems, my childhood, my life circumstances you would understand!’  What we all have is a choice.   A choice in how we choose to process the meaning in life’s events.  A choice in how we react to life’s events.

If you can set aside your own suffering and the judgments you make about what is happening that is causing you suffering; you can transform.  When you transform you have a mental state that opens doors, a heart of service, and hope.  You can take your tragedy and grow THROUGH IT to then be a more powerful person; capable of compassion and experience that can benefit others.  Many trials in my life have become an opportunity to learn more about myself; as a result there is a bank of data that I’m able to pass along to others that are in need of help. Rather than spread my suffering; and allow the negativity of others to destroy my joyful nature; I choose to live.

Embrace whatever circumstances are in your life right now.  Think to yourself ‘what do I need to do to learn more about this situation.  How can I educate myself to live in the solution.’  Thinking about the problem, dwelling in the past or wallowing in self pity only spread more suffering to you and the people around you.  If you want to really live, then use this to motivate you in the direction that makes your heart sing.  What makes your heart sing?  What makes you feel alive?  Are you living in the space that creates joy in your life?  Are you living in the ideals you say you have?  Are you walking the walk?  Are you living in the NOW?  Those are all spaces you can create by changing your thinking.

Thank you great friends.  Thank you for living in the space that offered safe harbor when my family hurt.  Thank you for reminding me this too shall pass.  Thank you for showing me through your example the light still shines. Thank you for letting go of your own EGO needs to show up in the spirit of love.

Pray for those who attack you for they truly suffer.  If someone wants to hurt you then they have shut themselves off from the light of great friendships.  They may be surrounded by people but I assure you they feel alone.  And if you feel alone, it is because you have allowed your ego to cast a shadow in your life.  Your friends love you and want to help you; you just have to show up to receive the gifts they are ready to share.  If you have no true friends, then start being a true friend and you will attract a higher vibration in your life.

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    1. Larina Hintze

      Oh Penny – Thinking of you makes my heart smile 🙂

  1. Michele Gutierrez

    You, my friend, are a blessing in the lives of my family and I. I give thanks to the universe, daily, for your support. I am grateful for the lessons I have attracted. I am grateful for you and your family. Your transition is blessed. I feel peace coming your way.

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