Going within

It seems we are often conditioned to believe if this person does this or that, then we will feel a certain way. This is external focus. Yes we can be effected and pick up the energy of others.

However, I have found power in recognizing it is my job to choose who I allow in my space, how much power I choose to give them and how long I choose to hang onto the feelings I’ve chosen to allow others to stir up within me.

I am the fire. Everything and everyone else is simply kindling.

This means for me I am responsible for how I feel. I am responsible for how I choose to react when something effects me. I am my responsibility to claim and there is no growth in looking for things outside of myself to blame.

When I pin my feelings, thoughts and actions on outside source, I give away my freedom. Hard to practice and simple to grasp!

One person was attacked for 10 years. It destroyed their marriage, ruined their bond with their kids, resulted in financial ruin and eventually they committed suicide.

Another person was attacked for 10 years and they went within to use this period to grow. They broke free and started the healing process. Their marriage was never better. They built bridges with their children. They grew their wealth. They are joyful.

Same situation and vastly different outcomes. One person focused on the attack as being “done to them. One person focused on the attack as being played out for their own higher learning!

Two people, same circumstances and the difference is choice.

We have free will and the moment we forget this, we suffer immensely. We get twisted up and lose power. Our fire dims. Wisdom is tending to self methodically, with intent and purpose.

Look within at every thought and decide if this is serving you or causing you suffering. Be wise. Work on discernment of your thoughts. Sift out things that do not serve your inner bliss. This is wisdom and it takes action! Will you act today?

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