Give The Gift of Your Presence!


This is an easy time of the year to lose focus.  All the external stress and pressure around us can impact our state; even if we are feeling balanced.

Temptation is all around us.  Buy more.  Do more.  Cook more.  Eat more.  The disease of more is corrosive to our sense of well being and grounded joyful state.

If only for a moment, pull back from the “doing” of more, and step into the “being” of presence.  Stop and witness the joy around you this holiday.  The kind acts.  The places you can give a Little Love where it’s most needed.

We are foster parents to a dog this season.  Every year we volunteer; work in a food kitchen, or take in a 2 or 4 legged stray!  We will remember the year LaLa came to stay with us and ate our door when left alone!

These are the funny stories we often find the deepest meaning and sweetness in when we look back in time.

A little tradition we have is decorating our packages with hand made paper and sweet notes.

We buy less, give more of ourself, and our creativity, in every package.  There are all kinds of ways to celebrate the fun and honor the birth if you are religious.

Regardless of your faith, what the world needs more of is your kindness, your love, your presence and state of “being”.

So focus on those things, be those things, look for those things around you – if you’d like to have a truly magical holiday!

Bring your art, your stories, your generosity, your love, your support, write a heartfelt letter, frame a photo with a positive statement – there are so many ways to share in ways that have meaning.

Pleasure can be a distraction!  It can also be fun, if you consciously tune in and decide to enjoy that pleasurable moment – for all it has to offer.

Be kind.  Be joyful.  Choose love.  Only if you want to. For these are personal choices in each moment only we have the power to make.

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