Free From Attachments

Freedom from attachment is so powerful because it’s really freedom from suffering. Think about it. If we are not attached to outcomes or things, and are able to live in a state of trust all, our desires will be fulfilled – then where is room for suffering? We might feel sadness or disappointment temporarily and it will soon pass if we own it and let go!

Think deeply on what causes suffering? It’s about holding on to people, things and ideas. We fight for our “right” or for our “rightness” and this causes us anguish. There is a difference between standing in our power and fighting. When we stand in our power, we ask for what we want clearly, and from a place of vulnerability.

If what we want does not come to pass, we can choose to sit in suffering and stories of our loss, or refocus on being thankful for what we do have. As we are busy enjoying what we do have, then we see new opportunities to seek what we want. We may even be thankful we did not get what we want.  Time has a way of showing us how our current wants, if realized, may have really held us back from greater things.

Like I really want this relationship. Once it ends we may realize that relationship was limited.  Maybe we found an even better match!  So many times, we think we want, only to find once we get it, it did not really satisfy us. We get it, it’s fun for a bit, then we discard in favor of something else. What really happens is control kicks in.

We want to control when we let go and control what we choose to have taken from us. It is this control which is at the root of our suffering. So we can simply decide to accept many things are outside our control and then decide how to live forward.  Do we chose to live in regret or in purpose?

Living in purpose is a state we choose based on our decision of how to think. Thought leads to emotions which then create our state. We may think “I want ice cream” and then recognize that thought leads to a feeling of craving. If the ice cream does not come, we lose control to satisfy the craving. We can accept this or suffer – this is alway our choice.

How we think about things, and the attachments we hold to them, creates our emotional world. If we want a balanced emotional world then we must tend to our thoughts! What can you tend to today? What thoughts bring you joy and what thoughts bring you suffering? Focus on joy and it will expand! Focus on suffering and it will expand. The choice is always ours to make!

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