Thought Pattern Vibrations

What vibrations or thought patterns are you sending out?  How is this thought blocking you from a breakthrough?  Is there another way to see this thought?

A girl wonders, do we take events in our life and attach meaning to them which then make us suffer.

Limiting Thought Patterns

Thoughts like “why is life so hard, that person just cut ME off, see it’s another example of how life does not go my way”

What message does this send out?  What message am I going to get back.  Am I going to see how the world is here to go against me?  What would it look like to replace this with a different thought?

Positive Thought Patterns

“Life works out so well for me.  Look at that car just zooming by and luckily it didn’t hit me.  It’s just another example of someone doing their thing, but I’m protected and nothing happened to me.”.

Can we take this one step further?

Expansive Thought Patterns

“Life is amazing.  We all make choices that put us in peril; all the time.  Yet here we are, surviving those close calls.  How can my actions reflect a sense of gratitude for being here? What can I do to contribute to the life of others during my stay here?


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