False Stories and Perceptions of the Mind

There is a great series on Netflix called Brain Games.  The series exploits optical illusions and memory challenges that disprove the innate assumptions you thought you knew about the physical world around you.

One example is the 2 tone colored screen below.  The dark gray on the top and the silver on the bottom are clearly two different colors – right?

“What if we told you they were the same exact color, but are simply seen differently because of how our vision is duped by shadows?”   Go ahead and place your fingers across the middle of the screen and now look at the two colors!  Do they still appear to be different colors?

What if we can be deceived by our own beliefs, thoughts and ideas about other people when we think we KNOW? What if we have a story about someone, or a situation, and we don’t realize we have just bent circumstances to complete our false version of the story?

If we are stuck in pain, sadness, or agitation, by our thoughts, then what would happen if we considered a different possibility?  What would happen if we let go of the belief that causes us pain?

I notice patterns in my thoughts.  Those thoughts cause me to be very anxious.  They poise my mind and body to be in a high fight or flight state.  This is draining and exhausting to my state of mind and body.  My mind becomes addicted to a feedback loop revisiting the thoughts over and again.  I want to learn to break this loop and create positive change in my life.  It takes practice daily.  It is a challenging process, that over two decades of effort, I still have not mastered.  I am committed though, because it is what I desire most.  The desire to increase my state of joy!  For me it is worth the discomfort and effort….. On most days!

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