Fall Forward

We’ve all had all those times when we come to the edge of a cliff. We know we can’t go back and yet we fear if we jump we will get hurt.

We may feel trapped. We may be paralyzed by fear that we can not go back but afraid to fall. When we allow fear to consume us we are often diminished in creative power to the false belief there are only two choices and both cause us to suffer.

However, to fall unconsciously will surely result in suffering as this is not an empowered choice. Allowing ourself to be taken by circumstance rathe than staying present and making a conscious choice is often what creates a downward spiral in our life.

Some of us choose to jump forward, to fully embrace leaping from the cliff. We may feel terror and yet we recognize that by staying present we will creatively see solutions fear blinded us to.

We may falsely believe the choice was taken from us or there is nothing we can do. Some of us choose otherwise.

I have jumped off the cliff many times, and what I’ve learned is that most times I ended up on another mountain I didn’t even see before I jumped. Had I not jumped with all my might I may have just fallen “splat” to my demise!

Many times I jumped forward and my gripped slipped. I fell down the next mountain with momentum and got pretty banged up, but I lived. I chose to find a way to heal and to learn from the error so that faced with the next jump I gained wisdom on how to jump more safely.

Now I see the cliff and I get excited! I trust through experience the next mountain is just a big leap forward and then I can continue on a new journey. I rarely get more than dusted up a bit now and I now find the process an exhilarating journey into self discovery.

So if you are on the ledge, jump with all your might, with all your wits about you, with eyes wide open, so that you can see the tree branch, the next ledge or some unexpected force of nature there to support you.

I believe all things are for my own learning. So when the “tragic” comes my way, and no matter how painful, through the pain and tears I fully embrace the event is meant to help me grow. It may happen to help me grow in compassion so I understand the loss and struggle of others. It may help me stretch in ways I did not know were possible. It may help me gain wisdom so that I can live a more joyful life.

There are many of us on the planet. We had horrific childhoods and often are the target of nefarious intentions. This is the duality of our planet that darkness wishes to expand and snuff out the light. Fear is the darkness. Love is the light. So those with heavy fear energy will seek to consume the light. We just need to reflect inward and review our very own thoughts to understand this. The doubts. The jealousy. The flashes of fear that show up in all sorts of ways.

At some point people like us, and maybe more than once, we will be faced with a choice. Do we allow the darkness to consume us – addiction, abusive relationships, negative thinking, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety …. or do we jump with all our might – eyes wide open – and trust we will be supported? This is always our choice.

I will be sharing more as many like me find their voice, come out of the shadows and break free from the dark fear to take those jumps toward a new journey. So happy travels as some of us learn to fall forward!

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