Faith. Reason. Fear.


Faith is a ‘loaded’ term. For some it means a lack of reason.  For others it may be the foundation of their spiritual belief.  In this context, it is simply the belief in ’cause and effect’.  If I row, then I have faith my boat will move forward.

In this context, faith is my willingness to make a decision, and act upon that decision to move forward.

When we say we’ve ‘lost faith’ what are we really saying?  The law of physics “what goes up must come down” does not change just because our perception has.  Spiritual faith can not be lost if we never believed in it to begin with.  Either way it is illogical to say ‘lost faith’ in any context.

To loose faith is to say that we are not willing to put forth effort because we no longer see the benefit of doing so.   

We have ‘lost faith’ is a cover up for the belief that we have lost confidence in ourselves.   

To be honest with our brain we should say “hey brain, I give up.  I feel defeated.  I no longer see the point in trying. I tried and failed.  I don’t think I can do this.”

Now we are really at the root cause of our ‘lost faith’ which is fear.  

We have lost our confidence.  We are afraid.  We have lost interest.  The work is greater than the perceived reward.  So now what?  This is the question I ask myself all the time.  Ok figured out that piece to the puzzle, now what?

Maybe we lost interest for a reason.  Maybe what we did no longer works.  So we need to do things differently.  It’s much easier to walk away and say ‘I give up’.  My good friend, on our weekly walk, challenged me to consider another possibility.  What if giving up was not an option?  Too often we just give up when things are tough.

There are times, when we need to learn to let go. To ‘let go’ is vastly different than to ‘loose faith’.  Sometimes we need to let go of our old way and be open to a new way.  To give up is to take no action.  To let go, is to stop an old behavior or belief and have the desire to change it in for a new one.

What am I willing to let go of today?  What action am I willing to take, to move my life forward? If giving up was not an option, what would the next right solution be?

“Put not your faith in illusions.  They will fail you.  Put all your faith in the source of Love within you; eternal changeless and forever unfailing.” Course in Miracles.

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