Expand Kindness


In a tired and hostile world – we are called to action toward kindness – now more than ever.

When we grow up emotionally, we may come to accept, things are not always fair.   Someone may do us wrong and get away with it or our view of events don’t pan out the way we believe justice would be served.

We come to understand justice may not come for many, or even at times, for ourselves.

What Justice is there for parents who lose children to illness or death?  Maybe we are cheated in some way and the other parties get away.

In all of this we have a choice.  We can sit in suffering or we can motivate ourselves to be even kinder.  To recognize how it feels to be cheated and choose to be generous with someone else – because we can.

We can smile when we are hurting and relieve pain for someone else.  We can have compassion for another who may be lashing out – directly at us – and recognize that all attack is a cry for help and may have very little to do with us personally.

Kindness, when nurtured, growsand burns away so much hostility – which in turn can make our little sphere of influence a safe and loving space to be not  only for ourselves but also for those in it!

Kindness especially grows when we share it with self.  Tell you it’s ok – you will be ok – you are remarkable and powerful – you are wise and strong – you are supported and loved.  When you say these things to self – you start to live in the knowing of these things.  When you start to live in the knowing of these things – you begin to become more loving to self and therefore to others.

How many times have you been the person lashing out in pain?  Did anyone ever comfort you even while you were “reacting”?  Do you remember this?  Did you thank them?  Did you see how it felt to be understood in the midst of your pain?  You can be that person now for yourself and others.

How wonderful would that be?

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