Embrace The Ka Ka

Having a great sense of humor can diffuse just about any stressful situation. I was just thinking today, while doing an audit, how there are so many parts of our work, our home life or our marriage that, let’s face it, are just “ka ka”!

We do these things because they’re a part of what is required to have the things we want.  We do them at work, because it’s part of our job description.  We do them at home, and we do them in our relationship, as a way to have good relations.

So how can we get all the ka ka done joyfully?

We can accept it.  We can choose not to take it so seriously.  We can laugh about it – ‘hey everyone, time for the ka ka’.  What’s the alternative?  Do it, day in, and day out, in a bitter state?  Let The ka ka wear down our joy?  Focus on the ka ka instead of the people in our lives?

Where has that ever gotten us?  When we focus on the ka ka we just create more of it.  We throw the ka ka at others emotionally and they may throw it back.  It becomes a ka ka fight.  Quite infantile, but so often what our ego draws us into.  Our ego makes ka ka ‘important’.  Our sense of humor makes our joy and connection more important.

So,embrace the ka ka and be merry!  Or at least be able to have a good laugh about it.  Never take it or yourself too seriously!  People will like you more and you will be happier.

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  1. Charlie

    The Ka was Egyptian for the soul. So, it is probably best that we concentrate on the Ka, rather than the Ka Ka…….

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