Conflict Part Two: I'm Right. You're Wrong. So There.


Conflict can be the beginning of consciousness.  Conflict is like a washing machine it takes everything you put in there and agitates it.

It only takes one person to have a conflict; we’ve already talked about our own internal conflicts.  It also only takes one person to dispel conflict.

Ever notice how some people are conflict magnets!  They usually talk a lot, have great stories, can be very entertaining and they may say things like “I just don’t want any drama”.  hahaha.  We’ve probably all been guilty of this at one time or another, because let’s face it drama can be exciting, it can validate we have something happening in our lives, it gets our juices flowing, our minds reved up, and makes us feel powerful.  So those are the rewards we get from it and some of the reasons why we may keep doing it.

One time someone told me, my biggest problem was, that I would not know who I was without any problems.  Yikes!  So I chewed on that. First I argued with them (in my head).  Then I made them wrong.  Then I accused them of lacking empathy because if they had all my REAL PROBLEMS they would understand.  This created even more conflict!  Exhausted from these imaginary conversations (in my mind) I decided to imagine what life would look like if I gave up all my problems and honestly it was scary.

My mind thought who am I, what will my purpose be, what do I do without all these problems to solve or fix or talk about or live in?  Those questions were the beginning of consciousness.

Check back tomorrow for part two on how to make conflict work for you!

Anyone have any experience on this topic, feel stuck in turmoil, have someone in your life you are sure is the problem?  Post a comment and see what everyone has to say.

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  1. Capt Organ

    I have a lot of conflicts most of which I consciously created and a few just came along for good measure. All I will resolve in good time by creating larger ones.

    Honestly I’d have it no other way because when they throw dirt on me there will be few that have accomplished as much or traveled as far and you can’t do that without conflict!

    1. lhintze

      Conscious creation of anything is what yields positive reward as you stated so well. It is the unconscious or reactive conflict that we are exploring. Today’s blog was titled conflict to consciousness so your comment is extremely timely 🙂 Thank you.

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