Going within

It seems we are often conditioned to believe if this person does this or that, then we will feel a certain way. This is external focus. Yes we can be effected and pick up the energy of others. However, I have found power in recognizing…

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Happy Mother’s Day

The challenge I hear so many of us face, is how to find time for ourselves!  My own experience and observation is those of us who forget to take time for self end up depleted - emotionally overdrawn - physically ill - mentally spent -…

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Be Kind…To Self!

Dalai Lama

In this social climate, where attacks are common place, justified with declarations of “I’m just being honest. We must fight for what’s right. You are wrong.”, it’s super important for me to stop and consider “is this kind…..?” Is this thought, this action, these words, kind to them, or to self? (more…)

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BOB: A Shift In Consciousness


People often ask how they can shift their life.  There are probably as many ways to create a shift, as there are people on the planet.  In all these variations, one thing seems to be constant, the ability to look at things in a different way.


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Speak. A Four Step Guide to Embrace Anger, Speak From Love and Live in Joy.


Have we ever noticed how easy it is to say what we don’t want?  Many of us do this. Just listen to others.   Notice how easily they pick holes in what is wrong or what they don’t like?  How often do we start with “I don’t want” statements?  How often is it only until we are fueled by anger, do we have the ability to speak up!  How often do we speak up from a place of anger?  Why is that?


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The Excellence of Bodhichitta


The ego has done some very cruel things. My ego has reacted with anger, and fear at times, to your ego. These egos believe they are right and have justified their actions in the name of “rightness”. Egos harm. They make others wrong. I am learning to forgive my ego for the harm it has caused. I have already forgiven your ego. I forgive you. I wish you well.


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When Ambition Trumps Love.


Psychologist Tim Kasser, author of The High Price of Materialism, concluded the pursuit of materialistic values (money, possessions, and social status) leads to lower well-being and more distress in individuals.


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Simple Tips To Shift Negative Thought Patterns.


Do you walk around with a running to do list in your head?  Do you have dread, anxiety, or bitterness about your to do list?  Are you avoiding distasteful, overwhelming, or scary items in your life?


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One Step….



We’ve all heard this at some point and in some version.  So what is the action plan?  How can we apply this to our daily life?


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Anxiety; Past Thought Patterns.


This is still me!  Can you relate?  I used to wake up with chest pains, because as soon as my eyes opened, a thread of fears, issues, and anxieties, ran through my mind.  I ground my teeth so hard in my sleep I cracked my molar.  I was stressed out.  The stress become so intense, I ended up in the hospital with a life threatening illness.


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