Understanding; Maturity and Wisdom


When we are stuck in how right we are, we lose the ability to mature.  We fail to see the other’s point of view.  Think of it this way; the more we can understand anyone’s point of view the better understanding we gain of the world around us, which is fueled by different people.  The more we understand different people, the more effective we can be in bridging the gap between differences.  In business this can build bridges between departments.  This can win over difficult clients, close difficult customers, and accomplish difficult missions with difficult people.  People stop being “difficult” when we ‘get them’.


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False Stories and Perceptions of the Mind

There is a great series on Netflix called Brain Games.  The series exploits optical illusions and memory challenges that disprove the innate assumptions you thought you knew about the physical world around you.


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Because We Can


The Road Less travelled by Scott Peck is a book I have not read in a long time.  One of the chapters covers delaying gratification; specifically many people’s inability to do so!


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The Little Things


Appreciate the small things.  Focus on the good stuff no matter how seemingly insignificant.  Do this over and over.  We may come to realize those small things are what’s really important!


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Instead of Giving up on "them" – ReInvest in "YOU"!


When someone does not live up to our expectations, then we often think we must give up on them, let them go, move on, scold them, teach them or maybe even ‘hurt’ them!  Instead what if we pour all that energy into a reinvestment in ourselves.


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To Thine Own Self


Went to Bikram Yoga today.  100 minutes of yoga at 100 degrees.  People ask “why did you do that”? Jumped out of an airplane and people said “why jump out of a perfectly good airplane”?  Swam with sharks in the Philippines.  Tried rattlesnake for the first time.  When I was younger my idea of fun was the Breakers in Palm Beach, crisco for suntans, lemon juice for blond hair and sneaking a pack of smokes (perhaps other things too).  Now I prefer tent camping in the mountains, a good french press, and farm grown food (DORK)!  What changes over time that twists and turns our lives into something better, different or into a life we no longer recognize?


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The Givers and The Takers; Am I not both?

When the sunshine is obscured by the clouds and there is an overcast across all things; life can feel dull. We may be disappointed in our mate, our family, our work, or simply life in general.  People, places, and things are not living up to…

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Emotional Availability – this one may hurt!

I debated if I wanted to make this blog funny or serious; deep or shallow; personal or professional.  To challenge myself, I've decided tackle full circle, but in less than 500 words 831 words 870 words!  841 words... Let's start with mom ~ Emotionally available mothers score higher for sensitiveness,…

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Remember her….

She was an amazing women.  In the 70's she started her own business "We Wash It Laundry".  A progressive women ahead of her time.  She would only hired black women to work with her and they were like family.  Hot summer days were spent there…

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Narcissists; the petulant children within us all


In Forbes ‘Why Narcissistic CEOs Kill Their Companies’ outline four key traits:

(1) Exploitativeness/Entitlement –> I insist upon getting the respect that is due to me;

(2) Leadership/Authority –> I like to be the center of attention;

(3) Superiority/Arrogance –> I am better than others; and

(4) Self-absorption/Self-admiration –> I am preoccupied with how extraordinary and special I am.

“The results do seem like common sense: By definition, narcissists are egotistical, self-focused, and vain. It would follow that a true narcissist wouldn’t see self-absorption as something negative. And because narcissists tend to lack empathy, they’d probably have trouble understanding why a desire to put themselves first should be seen as a negative trait.” Washington Post, ‘You only need a one-question test to identify narcissists;’.


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