Remember You? It's Them Now!

A. We are having less sex (hahahahahaha) or   B. Cheap and easy access to birth control has helped lower unplanned/unwanted pregnancies.   As a society, we spend much energy on the morality of abortion and rights to birth control.   We seem to talk…

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The Juggle – Guilt – Strength



How to juggle it all – work out – quality time with family – time to be a present partner – time for personal growth – time to volunteer – time to just play – time for personal development – time for sleep!


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A Letter To Women



Plautus came up with this around 200 B.C. and the idea still lives.  Life.  It can be so hard.  Especially when we follow Plautus’ formula and work to please others while neglecting the care of ourselves.


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Feeling Stuck



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“One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it,” Kung Fu Panda.


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Stretch To The Light


When we stretch to the light it can help us grow during dark times.

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50/50; good enough for me!



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Be Audacious

image“To be bold, daring and fearless especially in challenging assumptions or convictions”.


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Be Your Creative Self!



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Creating Space


I am stuck on what to write, as I often am.  For me, to write is to gain clarity.  Sometimes when I’m unclear about what to write, I just begin. This is the key to many things in my life.  To just begin.  It may not be the path I remain upon, but it’s forward progress.


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