Be Your Creative Self!


When we are tapped into the most creative parts of ourselves, all things are possible.  We see possibilities that we didn’t know existed just moments before.  We feel deep connection.  We enter into a sense of being and a sense of knowing.

Each of us has unique creative abilities that are the tap root of our true power.  The power to see clearly.  The power to move mountains.  The power to germinate new ideas.

Meditation.  Exercise.  Love.  These are all access points into that infinite power within. We eat.  We smoke.  We avoid.  In doing so we only cut off our most creative selves.  So it is.  The reptilian part of our brain seeks those short term bursts of ‘feel good’ emotions. That is ok.  Be primitive.  Just trust that when you are open and only if you want it, something far greater is waiting to be accessed within you!

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  1. Charlie

    Being in the ‘artistic groove’ is a familiar feeling (I attribute it to total focus) to artists.

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