You know when you want to do something but every time you think of tackling “it” you are not sure what to do; so you set it aside.  Sometimes you may even forget about it. Sometimes there is an outside force nudging you to get it done.  The “it” can be a small thing like making a dreaded call to a difficult person. Sometimes the “it” can be huge, like what you want to do with your life.  What stops us from pursuing “it” with passion and vigor?

The inner perfectionist aka IP thinks through scenarios and prevents us from taking action.  The IP gets so hung up on details and the need to do it perfectly we may end up feeling overwhelmed.  Action is the solution.  Start the process.  Let go of the idea of perfection.  Move.   Start in the direction you want to go. This will break through the IP paralysis and get you back on track.

I have not blogged in eight days; my longest since I started this process.  When I sat down today I had no idea what to say.  Nothing seemed to live up to my IP’s ideal.  So I typed the word ambiguity.  Much of our life dwells in this space.  Our egos look for guarantees and certainty; we want to label and to categorize; to analyze; to pretend we have it all figured out.   The truth is life is a mystery.  Life is uncertain.  Life throws you unexpected curve balls.  Health, marriage, relationships, finances, businesses; they can all be torn asunder, or suddenly spark and expand or idling float by day after day.  The point is we just never know.

So if we get used to ambiguity instead of expecting perfection and we just start to move in the direction we want to go then we will have a breakthrough.  At the very least, we won’t watch the days, months, or years float idly by.  We can break free from our thinking mind and start to take action in our lives.

Today is a good day to have that conversation; to start on a project; to make that dreaded call.  Move in the direction you want to go.

“Take advantage of the ambiguity in the world.  Look at something and think what else it might be.” – Roger Von Oech.


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  1. Charlie T.

    While perfectionism might be one aspect, I think low tolerance for ambiguity originates in childhood. I had either/or parents: no nonsense, right is right and wrong is wrong, very pragmatic folk. That was passed to me. And, in many ways, that outlook makes sense. In work ethic, professional acumen, educational pursuits, et al, I see ‘the always on switch’ as a definite asset. However, those are things I have direct control over: My effort equals guaranteed positive feedback. My intolerance is most notably active in emotional situations, also a leftover from childhood. Emotions and interpersonal relationships are not absolutes, nor are they predictable. Fact is reality is almost always gray and I work on that daily.

  2. Penny Whitlock-Blair

    You are such a precious child of the Universe. You are so loved and you have received much love from the Universe today. There was an entity (look it up) around you, disturbing your powerful positive mind. I sent it to the light. You are surrounded by the bright light…it has its arms around you and is holding you very tight. Your mojo never left although I enhanced it for now, as the entity was
    blocking it. The Harvest Moon is enhancing your power as well as I. Many many wonderful things are coming, open your arms and heart and let them in. xoxoxo

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