A Journey Without Purpose

“A Journey without a purpose is still meaningless, and even when it is over it seems to make no sense.” p422 Course In Miracles.

We judge. We think “This is wrong. This is horrible. This is tragic. We feel pain. We feel loss. We feel separation.

In time we all come to a crossroads. Do we continue to judge, or do we decide to love? Do we choose to see the beauty in life outside of our pain?

If we live life in pain, in loss, in judgment, how does that help the suffering, the injured, the insane?

If we live our life hating those who hate, who will bring love and comfort to those who need it?

Our purpose is to create. Creation comes from love. Love can heal. Love can offer a comforting embrace, a warm smile, a heartfelt donation.

Love opens our heart to give and to step outside of our need, and to focus on the needs of another.

Others may need us right now.  They may need a warm, loving, stable and sane friend more than anything.

Fear is dark. Fear says look at all this pain.

Love says I am here for you, I will help you rebuild, I will walk with you, I will hold your hand.

It is always our choice what meaning we choose to give our life. Our purpose is to love. It is our love that gives our life true meaning. Nothing else matters, because nothing else really exists.

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  1. B Flowers

    …… Our lives are love,

    and we’ve learned to stay that way.

    We are one with every grain of sand and tidal wave.

    We have become….yes, we have become

    the ones that are here to relay a secret to you this day!

  2. lhintze

    What’s the secret – do tell 🙂

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