Who are you? What are you doing here? What’s the point of all this for you? What purpose do you serve?

What if your intention is to decide life is to be enjoyed? So you declare that life is joyful. You look for all the evidence around you that points to how much joy exists. You recount all the joy you’ve felt or experienced. Someone cuts you off in traffic and you decide to think how wonderful – I’m witnessing the joy of speed!

Does this sound crazy? Then why is it sane to think life is hard – to look for proof that it is hard – and to see what life is dishing out as more evidence that life is hard? What do you think you will gain from holding this belief?

Which thought is sane and why? We have all met that person full of joy – holding a twinkle in their eye – with a belly laugh – and a jolly disposition. We have all witnessed that angry person storming by clearly looking for their next explosion. Is it not obvious by their walk – their demeanor – their facial expression exactly where their thoughts dwell? And how do we believe their day – weeks – months – years will evolve if they maintain their current momentum?

So we see the choice in others and all we need is to believe we have a choice of our own. A choice to see what is beautiful in the world and to live in that state, which will gain momentum and create more of it or we can dwell in the sad sad story of our life and how hard it is.

Where do your thoughts dwell? How are they serving you? Do they lift you up or drag you down? Who is responsible for those thoughts? Who holds those beliefs? Is this the you – you wish to be? Who do you wish to be?

What if for just this moment you imagine how amazing you are – you imagine all the wonder you’ve added to life – you dwell on all the great choices you’ve made – go ahead – light it up – that stage of life and make yourself the main attraction – the star – and imagine being your biggest fan!

That is how we can shift from one state into another! There are many ways to shift – one only need to decide to shift for their unique path to be revealed. Momentum will take you in the direction of your thoughts – so plant some amazing ones and focus on them – Nurture them and watch them grow!

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