Unlock Your
Full Potential

It is time to give yourself the same C.A.R.E (conscious, attention, recognition and empathy) you’ve so generously given to others!

Live, Laugh, Love, & Grow

Are You Struggling in your personal Life?

Feeling blocked? It probably means your assets are just out of balance! They are not defects. You are not broken. So don’t believe those inner voices if they say otherwise. Those are just recordings someone else made. You can record over them!!

Get back in balance

When you learn to write your own recording – then your assets will be in balance, and can WORK FOR YOU.  You can learn to listen for and to develop your C.A.R.E voice, instead of being filled with yucky doubts that aren’t even true.  Unless you really want to believe those old recordings? 
discover the
core of the issue
Overcome Preprogrammed Notions
that are holding you back
Achieve your
full potential

whatever you believe is true, will be true for you

Just look around. Is this the life you envisioned? Perhaps, much of it is the melody of those other tracts? When we are out of tune with what is inside, this is what we unconsciously allow to happen to us. This is what it looks like when we allow the melodies of others to idly play in the background of our life.

This is what happens when we don’t actively work to write our own melody. We wake up to a life that’s not aligned with our hearts desires and we SUFFER. Tune into those other voices. Take creative control over what they record. Find the courage to write your own melody. Start to design your life with purpose.

Larina has always been a safe person to talk to, she has always been there for me when I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone. She has treated me like a son and I am very grateful to know her.
Keshava Penderson
Larina has been a lantern on my journey for many years. Her wisdom has brought me back to my authentic self multiple times. She has a gift in guidance. I cherish our friendship.
Michele A. Gutierrez
I have known Larina for at least 25 years. She’s a beautiful person inside and out. She is a very strong, smart, kind, caring, loving, trustworthy, and sincere person. You won’t find anyone more down to earth and easier to talk to then Larina!
Suzy Forbes

Are You Ready To Take Charge?

Do you feel held back by fear, shame, or confusion? Fear can be a powerful force that keeps us stuck in old thought patterns; the recordings of others; a sad melody we did not write. Shame can trick us into thinking we are not good enough or something must be wrong with us.